linkedin automation tools for 2023

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for organizations when it comes to managing their B2B branding or running their sales and recruitment campaigns on the internet. While there are more than 738 million users registered with LinkedIn as a platform, there are slim chances that every sales rep or organization would win fresh sales deals on LinkedIn.

In this scenario, LinkedIn automation can become a savior in this case to achieve your goals.

Why Should You Choose LinkedIn Automation Tools?

If you go on LinkedIn and search for prospects in your niche, chances are, you will come across thousands of profiles on the platform to reach out and run outreach. Which means, you will end up spending days if not months in sending requests to new prospects and taking manual follow ups.

In that case, LinkedIn automation tools can come handy for your teams and organization. From running prospecting campaigns or trying to convert your prospects into leads or customers, LinkedIn automation tools can help you. LinkedIn automation tools can help you run LinkedIn outreach campaigns and LinkedIn engagement campaigns with ease.

Linkedin automation tools are changing the LinkedIn outreach and prospecting game! On top of that, they are changing the way sales, marketing and recruitment teams adopt sales technique and technology in their system.

In this article, we have covered the majority of the popular and best LinkedIn automation tools, their features, pros and cons. So, this should become your ultimate LinkedIn automation tool buying guide.

But first, let’s get your basics cleared!

What Is LinkedIn Automation? How Does It Work?

LinkedIn automation is a technology that helps you automate your activities on LinkedIn social media platform. For instance, running prospecting campaigns, connecting with new people, growing your network, sending follow up messages to your connection, sending first degree messages and so on. LinkedIn automation can help you minimize your inputs on the platform and can help you generate greater ROI compared to your manual cold LinkedIn outreach.

LinkedIn automation tools come in various types. Some LinkedIn automation tools are cloud-based, some are browser extension based and others are full-fledged PC software that you can install on your computer and work with them.

So, LinkedIn automation tools help you make work easier and measurable.

Can You Send Automated Messages on LINKEDIN?

Majority of the LinkedIn automation tools provide options to send messages on LinkedIn via your profile. But, you need to make sure that you are not spamming on the platform or not harming people via any means.

You can send personalized outreach messages on LinkedIn from each of them. And if you plan to send them manually without any automation, this might take months or even years to do so.

However, these LinkedIn automation tools will mimic human behavior and make sure to send automated messages on LinkedIn at a certain interval of time. Bulk messages sent at the same time might trigger LinkedIn that you are using any third-party automation tool in your account and might get your account suspended.

Is LinkedIn Automation Illegal?

As LinkedIn is the platform of professionals and B2B users, the social media platform wants it to stay professional and non-spammy. Thus, performing any gray-area activities on LinkedIn like scraping user data, spamming connections and selling it will cause consequences to the users.

The key is to use LinkedIn automation tools in safe limits and not to use any unethical ways to save your profile from getting banned or restricted on the platform. Organization and sales teams also use the tool in order to grow their business from the platform.

So, if you are using a tool with valid sequence and not ruining the platform’s experience for other users, it is fine to work with an automation tool within limits.

What to Consider Before Getting a LinkedIn Automation Tool?

When your organization decides to use the LinkedIn outreach automation tool, make sure to select a tool that is easy to adopt, has team features to manage your team and their performance, is safe for your organization and is not spammy at all.

Also, you can select either of these LinkedIn automation tools to manage your outreach :

Browser-based LinkedIn automation tools

Browser-based LinkedIn automation tools are the best way to save your money and get started with the LinkedIn automation tools. You can connect them with the LinkedIn account that is active on your browser and can run outreach campaigns without any complexity.

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools remove the necessity of keeping your computer on and can work while you sleep. Safe tools also provide dedicated IP addresses within the tool to avoid profile restrictions on LinkedIn.

How to Personalize Your Outreach on LINKEDIN?

Receiving random cold emails is not an interesting thing and people might end up ignoring the person who is running the campaigns. To improve your campaign response rate and conversation rates, you can personalize your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. Try mentioning the prospect’s name, industry, interests, location and so on.

This will help you stand out from the crowd who just uses “Hi Sir/Madam” in their messages. Take advantage of personalization with LinkedIn automation tools.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Now that we know how LinkedIn automation works, its advantages and what you need to take care of, let’s check the list of top LinkedIn automation tools.

1) LinkedFusion

linkedfusion automation tools

LinkedFusion is a safe LinkedIn Automation tool to accelerate your LinkedIn outreach with less effort in no time. Generate more warm leads, build better relationships and connect with your prospect with LinkedFusion. Automated follow-up increases your chances of winning sales deals.

Pros of LinkedFusion :

  • It is a Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool for lead generation.
  • Get insight on the LinkedIn prospect of different time zones, dedicated IP and measure metrics across different LinkedIn posts.
  • Offers integration with Zapier, Google Sheet, Hubspot, Salesforce and other CRMs.
  • Use Google Sheets and CSV to find, identify, and expand your network.

Cons of LinkedFusion :

  • No major set major set back.

Pricing : You can select one of LinkedFusion’s three plans to get started :

  • Professional — $65.95/user/month.
  • Grow — $95.95/user/month.
  • Ultimate ­— $1355.95/user/month.

2) LeadConnect

leadconnect automation tools

LinkedIn outreach automation platform LeadConnect lets you connect with your leads with personalized messages. Transport your prospects details to hubspot automatically with just a click. You can define your audiences, draft personalized messages, schedule follow-up messages and sync prospects to hubspot effortlessly.

Pros of LeadConnect :

  • With integration to FindThatLeads,, Anymailfinder, ect makes it easy for users to find leads on the LinkedIn platform.
  • Make decisions based on the data and stop guesswork with the actionable insight from the analytical tools offered by the LeadsConnect.
  • Reachout to the prospect with ease by using reply detection feature of the LeadConnect.
  • Now the performance of your outreach campaign with response and acceptance tracking.

Cons of LeadConnect :

  • Integration with other CRMs can be done with Zapier.
  • You cannot include images.

Pricing: When you decide to upgrade once you outgrow the forever-free plan, you have three choices :

  • Professional — $22.95.
  • Grow — $40.95.
  • Ultimate — $77.95.

3) SendBuzz


SendBuzz is a sales engagement platform that lets you generate leads and connect with prospects across multiple channels. With features like smart sequences, email rotation and more it makes your sales process smooth. With SendBuzz you are not just restricted to LinkedIn outreach.

Pros of SendBuzz :

  • You can flow test your sequences to find the right mix of the channels where you can reach out to the prospects.
  • It offers integration to various tools like CRM and various other tools for an omnichannel experience with the software.
  • The intuitive and easy to use interface makes it easy for sales reps to navigate across the tool.
  • The wide variety of the pricing plans lets you customize the tools according to your need and pay for the features that are needed by you.

Cons of SendBuzz :

  • The tool is a better fit for the small to medium sized business in comparison to the individual users.

Pricing: SendBuzz offers 7 days free trial and its pricing plans reach from $9 to $250.

  • Professional – $35/ month.
  • Growth – $65/ month.
  • Unlimited –$125/ month.

4) Expandi

expandi automation tools

Expandi enables you to reach out to the prospects on LinkedIn via email by smart automated sequences. This automation tool is entrusted by growth marketers, business developers, recruiters, startup founders and agency owners.

Pros of Expandi :

  • Easy integration with other tools
  • You can add content, follow and endorse features to maximize personalization of the outreach.
  • Combine LinkedIn and Email prospecting to triple the response rate.
  • You can also use Images and GIFs to hyper personalize your outreach.

Cons of Expandi :

  • It is a bit on the expensive side when compared to the other tool.

Pricing :

  • There is only one pricing option for Expandi, which is $99 per month. Use the free 7-day trial period if you’re not sure whether to buy the tool before making the commitment.

5) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin sales navigator automation tools

Sales Navigator is the flagship product of LinkedIn that facilitates sales teams, enabling reps,managers, and ops leaders to reach out to their leads. This tool enables you to use LinkedIn’s data, insight and relationship building tools to optimize your outreach efforts.

Pros of LinkedIn Sales Navigator :

  • Guides you to find the right people and companies with search experiences that get you the most relevant prospect.
  • You can automatically save the leads and accounts that you are engaging with at the same time you can log Sales Navigator activity to CRM in a single click.
  • You can integrate your sales tools with SNAP, Outlook web integration and Sales Navigator mobile app.

Cons of LinkedIn Sales Navigator :

  • Limited starter plans.
  • Does not offer automation tools.

Pricing: There are three different price points for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, including :

  • Professional – $64.99/month.
  • Team – $103.33/month.
  • Enterprise – Custom package.

6) Phantombuster


Phantombuster is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps generate leads that let you extract a list of leads, enrich data and email and send outreach campaigns.

Pros of Phantombuster :

  • With features like 100+ ready-made automation, prebuilt workflow for all your goals, Import data seamlessly to any CRM to boost your leads generation.
  • You don’t need any technical expertise to use the tool as it is a cloud based solution.
  • Easily import your data seamlessly to any CRM.
  • Provides secure and seamless social media accounts and expert guidance on the network rate limits.

Cons of Phantombuster :

  • You can face a bit of difficulty while using APIs.
  • Poor customer support.

Pricing :

  • Phantombuster offers five options, with prices ranging from $0 to $900 per month.

7) LinkedHelper


LinkedHelper is a smart outreach tool that automates your LinkedIn outreach. You can invite 2nd and 3rd level contacts with a personal note letting you to grow your network. With features like auto-responder and reply detection you can add connections and build drip campaigns for chain messaging.

Pro of LinkedIn Helper :

  • The intuitive and user friendly interface of the tools make your workflow frictionless.
  • Enables easy integration and lets you use various other tools for seamless user experiences.
  • Offers easy to use personalized outreach campaign templates.
  • The in-build CRM for managing leads that helps you organize your leads and more.

Cons of LinkedIn helper :

  • Lacks native email functionality which restricts you from experiencing an omni-channel outreach.
  • Offers less flexibility as to use the tool you need to download the app.

Pricing :

  • LinkedHelper costs between $8.25 and $15 a month, depending on how many months you pay for at once.

8) GrowthLead

growth lead automation tools

Unlock your growth potential with GrowthLeads we help you start and grow your business. They also offer a step-by-step guide that makes it easy for you to adapt and use the interface of the tool.

Pros of GrowthLead :

  • Use a common dashboard to manage various LinkedIn accounts.
  • Easy integration with the Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Run campaigns effortlessly with features like smart sequences.

Con of GrowthLead :

  • It offers a low degree of personalization as compared to the other tools like Expandi and Phantombuster.

Pricing : Depending on your needs, GrowthLeads has different programmes to choose from. Their standard pricing structure is as follows :

  • Basic — $67.35 per user/month.
  • Pro — $101.61 per user/month.
  • Advanced — $147.30 per user/month.
  • Done-For-You (Dedicated campaign manager) — $489.85 per user/month.


wiza alternative tools

WIZA is a sales automation tool that helps you export leads from LinkedIn and get their contact information like emails and phone numbers to boost your outreach with the prospect. With WIZA you can run your cold email outreach and recruit the best talent.

Pro of WIZA :

  • You can export up to 2,500 leads to your sales navigator search into an email list. This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to do manual work.
  • Get verified email addresses and phone numbers with accuracy.
  • Update your company data like industry, headcount, funding, location and enrich your prospect data like email, phone number, job title. And the best part is that the data is sourced ethically from petabytes online and offline sources.
  • Sync your updated prospect list to any CRM or marketing platform. Export your contact to many CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more.

Cons of WIZA :

  • They don’t have a refund policy.

Pricing : The pricing of WIZA is :

  • Pay as you go – where the user pays 15 cents for individual leads.
  • Pro -$50 per month.
  • Teams -$100 per month.

10) Salesloop

salesloop alternative tools

SalesLoop is a LinkedIn automation tool that lets you connect to the most relevant buyers at the right time. You can eliminate the manual research and find the interested prospect faster with Salesloop. Features like Indiehackers, SMB’s (startups to scaleups) and Mid-Market to Enterprise help its users to find, connect and engage with their target market.

Pros of Salesloop :

  • Data sources help the clients to upload a CSV of target companies, put relevant search URLs and identify target companies with multiple intent data sources.
  • You can identify the ideal customer with a specific job title and create personalized message campaigns for your prospect. To make your outreach more effective you can incorporate content to educate and add value.
  • Automate your outreach sequences across multiple channels. In the automated sequences you can exclude any prospect replies.
  • You can launch your outreach and deliver messages with leading proprietary technology and you can personalize messages sending without the need to keep your PC working.

Cons of Salesloop :

  • Offers limited integration with other tools.

Pricing : There are three pricing plans :

  • Solo – $49/month.
  • Teams – $199/ month.
  • Managed Services – $799/month.


octopus alternative tools

OCTOPUSCRM helps LinkedIn users to simplify prospecting efforts and accelerate your LinkedIn outreach without purchasing the advanced LinkedIn automation software. With OCTOPUS CRM manage your data and LinkedIn automation with ease.


  • You can automate and simplify your outreach on LinkedIn by sending automated personalized connection requests on LinkedIn. For a non-stop outreach the tool also facilitates you to send messages via email once your LinkedIn invitation limit has reached the limit.
  • You can endorse up to 7 skills on LinkedIn profiles of your LinkedIn contacts and visit hundreds of profiles automatically with OCTOPUS CRM.
  • Build your lead generation funnel by adding, removing and combining features with ease, saving all your prospects into your personal dashboards and more.
  • OCTOPUS CRM LinkedIn lets you evaluate performance by letting you observe important metrics including the number of profile views and search appearances.


  • Filter function is not up to the mark.
  • You cannot import contact numbers and email addresses via CSV files.

Pricing : Three pricing plans available :

  • Stater – $6.99
  • Pro – $9.99
  • Advanced – $14.99
  • Unlimited – $24.99


we connect automation tools

We-Connect brings a new approach towards LinkedIn Prospecting with safe, advanced and affordable LinkedIn outreach platforms to maximize your automated LinkedIn campaigns. They offer nine campaign options, intuitive smart sequences, enhanced safety for your outreach.

Pros of We-connect :

  • You can streamline your workflow for every camping trip by automating the processes like visiting a profile, liking a post, inviting to connect and then following the contact.
  • With AI writers you can draft LinkedIn invites and follow-up messages effortlessly with on the We-connect app.
  • Free InMails lets you directly contact the members with the open profile resulting in the improvement of your reply rate.
  • You can monitor activities like Tags, Pause, Blacklist contacts
  • from one place. This kind of integration of various features on a single dashboard saves you a lot of time.

Con of We-connect :

  • A steeper learning curve.
  • Lacks proper customer support.

Pricing :

  • We-Connects single pricing is $49/per user/month.

13) MeetAlfred

meet Alfred alternative tools

MeetAlfred is an automation tool that generates leads via email and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. You can completely autopilot your follow-up on email and social media platforms to achieve your outreach goal.

Pros of MeetAlfred :

  • You can prospect across channels so that you can connect with the right prospect where they are available.
  • With personalization at scale you can customize your messages on the basis of the location and industry.
  • The built-in LinkedIn CRM system helps you manage, organize and categorize your business contact and give you a complete overview of your networks.
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity by onboarding multiple members easily, assigning roles and responsibility, viewing the performance of the team member from a single control panel.

Cons of MeetAlfred :

  • Limited price offering for the starter plan.

Pricing : Alfred comes with three pricing plan namely :

  • Essential –$29/month.
  • Advance – $59/month.
  • Professional –$119/month.


zopto alternative tools

Zopto is an omni-channel sales outreach platform that lets you connect with thousands of customers helping you grow your business at scale. This intelligent automation platform has various features that boost your lead generation resulting in increased productivity.

Pros of Zopto :

  • Real-Time Reporting enables you to evaluate your performance, draw insight and optimize results with data at your fingertips.
  • Various guardrails and security measures help you maintain the integrity of your campaign on LinkedIn.
  • You can run your campaigns on LinkedIn as well as on emails which expands your opportunity to engage with the prospects.
  • Advance filtering builds your prospects list based on a hundred filter criteria.

Cons of Zopto :

  • The onboarding is not smooth.

Pricing : Zopto has three pricing plan they are :

  • Personal – $215/month.
  • Growth –$395/month.
  • Agency –$895/month.


dux soup alternative tools

LinkedIn automation tool DUX-SOUP helps you find LinkedIn leads and grow your sales pipeline faster and accelerate your business growth. This safe, secure and transparent outreach platform helps you focus on leads by handling the legwork.

Pros of DUX-SOUP :

  • You can work on LinkedIn, Recruiter or Sales Navigator accounts with ease. It does not need third party access; they offer safety and backup of the data.
  • They automate intelligent campaigns that send LinkedIn connection invitations, automatically view, follow and endorse profiles, and send InMails and messages.
  • Features like multi-channel strategies, centralized prospect management and clever team prospecting can not only facilitate lead generation but also make your outreach effective.
  • You can become a DUX-soup high flyer and get priority support and one-to-one training to get the best out of the tool.

Cons of DUX-SOUP :

  • The tools work for limited hours.

Pricing : Offers three pricing plan :

  • Free.
  • Professional-$11.25/month.
  • Turbo – $41.25/month.


texau automation tools

TEXAU helps you connect with the prospects with a powerful workflow, generate leads and collect data in no time. They have 180+ automations across ten platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. You can fill in the input, run the automation, and get the result faster.

Pros of TexAu :

  • TexAu prospector enables you with the prospects email, LinkedIn profile URLs, first name, last name and other details once you have uploaded the list of companies and job role.
  • It offers the integration with all the major CRMs and cold outreach tools that enables you to upload your data in your computer or upload to Google Sheet OR, Pass the data to the CRM of your choice.
  • Information like companies name, extract all the meta tags, new email of all the employees from your target companies from their contact data.
  • Stay updated with the data enrichment from your users and prospects effortlessly.

Cons of TexAu :

  • It’s not easy for non-technical users to add proxies in the tool.

Pricing :

  • The price plan from $29/month to $199/month is for the cloud and desktops both. Individually for the desktop version it ranges between $10/month to $99/month.



SalesHub.AI is a sales assistant that is built on the live data sources from over 250M+ contacts and millions of the sales engagement data points. You can draft LinkedIn messages without having to write it in person. This AI sales tool lets you create automated sequences that are personalized at scale.

Pros in SalesHub.AI :

  • The API documentation helps you use demand data and automations directly in your system.
  • Website personalization lets you greet the visitor with the red carpet in a unique one to one perspective.
  • Identify the interested target audiences for your products and services faster than your competitors.
  • Demand AI analyzes the prospects’ responses and generates LinkeDIn messages and emails accordingly in no time.

Con in SalesHub.AI :

  • Their pricing plan is not simple with separate pricing according to the types of ad-on.

Pricing :

  • The starting offering of $49/user/month and additional price for the various other ad-on.


lempod alternative tools

Lempod is the automation tool that helps you generate user engagement and views powered by your genuine relationship. They enable you to utilize the power of your networks with more LinkedIn post views with likes.

Pros of Lempod :

  • Lempod helps you join LinkedIn pods to boost likes from influencers in your industry.
  • LinkedIn for companies helps you make the most of your colleagues’ network to enhance your LinkedIn Outreach.
  • Creating Company pod on Lempod helps you automate likes from colleges and leverage companies’ networks.

Con of Lempod :

  • Limited features for LinkedIn automation tool for lead generation and linkedIn automation.
  • Does not offer any free version.

Pricing :

  • Lempod offers a simple pricing plan of $5/pod/month.

19) Reply.IO

reply alternative tools

Reply is an AI- powered sales engagement platform to create new opportunities at scales – automatically is a sales automation tool designed for sales teams. This tool helps you generate leads by helping you target the ideal customer for your product and services.

Pros of :

  • Their customer support is excellent and helps their users with the easy adaptation with the app.
  • You can reach out to your prospect at a planned and regular interval with their drip campaign feature.
  • Offers integration with the other automation tool of creating omni-channel experiences.

Cons of :

  • Does not offer native integration therefore Zapier is required for the integration with other tools.

Pricing :

  • has multiple pricing plans for individuals and businesses that range from $70/month to 120/month. For agencies they can request for a quote.

20) GoLogin


GoLogin is an advanced LinkedIn automation tool designed to manage multiple accounts with different IP addresses. This increases anonymity and security, making it an ideal choice for speeding up work on LinkedIn and generating warm leads.

Advantages :

  • Multiple Accounts with Unique IPs: Unique IP for each LinkedIn account.
  • Team Management: Effective task distribution and team management.
  • CRM Integration: Easy data synchronization with popular CRM and analytical tools.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly for all skill levels.

Features :

  • Action Automation: Smart algorithms for automating standard processes.
  • Anonymity and Data Protection: High level of security and anonymity.
  • Campaign Customization: Flexible settings for campaign personalization.
  • Reports and Analytics: Detailed analytical reports to track effectiveness.

Pricing :

Prices for GoLogin start at $24, making it an affordable solution for a wide range of users, from individual professionals to large companies.

GoLogin is a powerful solution for those looking for an effective way to manage LinkedIn accounts, offering advanced automation, analytics, and team management features at a competitive price.

Conclusion :

When it comes to using LinkedIn to generate leads, it’s best to use automation to optimize your outreach reach. Automation not only saves time but at the same time makes your outreach effective giving you better results.

Finding the right tool can be difficult, therefore we have compiled a list of tools that will help you automate LinkedIn automation.

Now that you know about LinkedIn automation and tools that you can use. Go ahead and choose the one that suits your needs and accelerate your outreach. If you have any queries or need some effective tips you contact our experts and book a free demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

To know the number of the LinkedIn connection requests you need to send depends on the type of account that you have signed in for. The following are the types of the LinkedIn account and number of requests that you can send on it.

  • LinkedIn Free – no more than 50 connections a day.
  • LinkedIn Premium – between 100-125.
  • linkedIn Sales Navigator – 200-225 

Note that regardless of the number of connection requests you send according to the suggested limit. It’s always best to spread these requests throughout the day.

When it comes to the number of the connections that matter, that is good mainly depends upon the relevance of those connections. For instance, you can have 10,000 connections on LinkedIn but if they are not useful connections that are relevant to your business then the number is insignificant.

It is possible to send LinkedIn bulk messages without needing a third party bulk messages. Go to the LinkedIn inbox then click on the “composed messages” button. After drafting the message you can add up to 50 messages. And if you want to increase the connection that reads the message then use an automation tool. An automation tool helps you to connect with more connections on LinkedIn with the personalization methods.

You can generate connections faster on LinkedIn by efficiently using an automation tool. Using LinkedIn automation tool helps you reach out to LinkedIn connections with personalization at the same time manage customer data effortlessly.