Clubhouse alternate app

Clubhouse rooms are gone! Now What? The Best Clubhouse Alternate?

If you are an avid Clubhouse user, you are more likely to use its Audio rooms feature to communicate with your friends and random strangers on the internet. But, with the latest update, Clubhouse has killed the Audio rooms on the Clubhouse app for both Android and iOS devices! Breakout audio application has been making some headlines for the features they introduce or remove from the platform and sometimes the content moderation news. Well, this time around, they have taken a step that is both interesting and questionable at the same time. The audio social media application Clubhouse, which is used to host and manage audio discussion rooms, dropped the audio rooms features from their app itself! Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, if you have not opened your Clubhouse app since a long time, we won’t blame you. The app lost its ‘coolness’ as the time went by! But, where do I host my audio rooms though?

What is the best alternative to Clubhouse App?

Whether you are an iOS user or an Android user, there is an amazing alternative to Clubhouse available in the market and has been running steadily since the last couple of years! Breakout Audio App is the best alternative to Clubhouse application to host your audio rooms.

The best part is, unlike Clubhouse, Breakout Audio app is not limited to hosting audio rooms with your friends. You can also post audio hooks (pretty similar to social media stories posts), publish photos, and even build communities.

With awesome perfoermance and authentic audio social media features, Breakout app is the way to go to communicate with your friends and communities.