Gokiosk for Android - Past Releases

New Version
25th September 2019
GoKiosk Version 9.1.25092019W
-Android Q support.
5th September 2019
GoKiosk Version 9.0.05092019W
-Bug Fix, performance improved.
22th July 2019
GoKiosk Version 8.8.22072019W
-"Fix Power off popup block issue.
Fix Double tap issue.
Fix License expired issue check.
Fix system app issue.
Fix Scheduling features issue.
Fix Location & OS Version bug fix for pie
New ColorPickerDialog custom color theme.
Silent Apk install for Knox
Hide Status bar Knox (Notification bar)"
11th June 2019
Gokiosk Version 8.5.11062019W
-Added Scheduling features. Improved peripheral setting.
-Fix double tap issue. Fix power button issue.
31st May 2019
Gokiosk Version 8.0.31052019W
-Added Samsung Knox features for Samsung devices.
-Custom Wi-fi settings. Single mode application for android box..
25th January 2019
Gokiosk Version 7.6.25012019W
-Added persistent settings for Wifi and Bluetooth.
18th January 2019
Gokiosk Version 7.4.18012019W
-Under the hood enhancements
21st November 2018
Gokiosk Version 7.3.21112018W
-Pull and Push settings from cloud
-Under the hood enhancements
- Bug fixing
31st October 2018
Gokiosk Version 7.3.31102018W
- Allow or remove system app from device and cloud
- UI Improvement (Responsve UI and password dialog change
- Set up all permission in Settings menu
- Bug fixing
12th October 2018
Gokiosk Version 7.2.12102018W
Peripheral setting remote management
-Delete files remotely for GoFile Manager
11th September 2018
Gokiosk Version 7.2.11092018W
Device support for android Oreo added.
Under the hood enhancements
28th August 2018
Gokiosk Version 7.2.28082018W
Under the hood enhancements
17th August 2018
Gokiosk Version 7.1.17082018W
Under the hood enhancements
14th August 2018
Gokiosk Version 7.0.14082018W
Added support for realtime updates
24th July 2018
Gokiosk Version 6.0.24072018W
Under the hood enhancements
21th July 2018
Gokiosk Version 6.0.21072018W
Under the hood enhancements
19th July 2018
Gokiosk Version 6.0.19072018W
Added new functionalities
Broadcast message
Remote Buzz
And other optimization
13th June 2018
Gokiosk Version 5.0.13062018W
18th May 2018
Gokiosk Version 5.0.18052018W
16th May 2018
Gokiosk Version 5.0.16052018W
6th April 2018
Gokiosk Version 4.0.06042018W
29th March 2018
Gokiosk Version 3.2.29032018W
1st March 2018
Gokiosk Version 3.1.01032018W
18th January 2018
Gokiosk Version 2.9.18012018W
2nd January 2018
Gokiosk Version 2.9.02012018W
1st January Or Before
Older Version