An Alternative To MDM(Mobile Device Management) Solutions

Lockdown device

With the increase in the use of the mobile devices, we see that the misuse of the mobile devices has increased too. Well, to improve the company’s growth and employee engagement, all miscellaneous activities that act as an obstacle should be avoided in the workplace. Considering this rising issue, GoKiosk - Kiosk Lockdown application for Android locks down the devices by preventing all the unwanted apps. We offer a quick and easy way to lockdown off-the-shelf mobile devices. For eg., if you find your employees busy wasting their time logging into social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. here comes GoKiosk app in the picture, where you can allow only limited apps that you want your employees to use.

Single Application Mode

In this mode, Gokiosk allows one and only one application to remain in the foreground all the time, even after a reboot selected application will be open without any user interaction.



Having used the Kiosked device in a big organization, we find that there are multiple devices used by multiple employees at different places. So, rather changing the allowed/disallowed apps manually, we have a simple solution where this is done on a simple go. The Admin can export the settings to our cloud. And use the same via  1. QR Code 2. Cloud ID OR 3. File export method. These cloud Settings even include your connected Wi-fi Network, Admin Passcode, Allowed application, mobile data status etc. Now, Admin simply has to scan the QR code and all the settings are imported into a new device,  eliminating the hassle of managing the devices manually. 

Cloud management

Gokiosk provides some advanced cloud configuration features, so you can manage all the settings on a distributed system using central login portal. Without any hassle, you can change your admin password, you can track your device location, check and add/remove allowed/disallowed apps,  and manage other settings at one go. Soon you will be able to push new application using the same portal. No need to call your devices back for every minor issues.