Mobile Tools Companies

Technology makes everyday life easier by automating tasks and tracking information. For business owners, the  US Chamber of Commerce  notes that investing in technology can improve your business’s operations and improve your employees’ performance. For example, HR management tools prevent bottlenecks in the system and free employees from administrative tasks. This way, tasks, and processes are streamlined so they won’t take up much of an employees’ time and effort.

Of course, investing in technology should be well-thought-out to ensure you get a return on investment. Further, mobile tech tools are the best to start with since they are the most accessible—not just in terms of price but affordability and use as well.

With that said, here are our recommendations for great mobile tools companies should invest in :


Networking is crucial for businesses as it allows professionals to collaborate with one another and find opportunities that will contribute to the company’s growth. Doorway is a digital business card app that provides an easy way for employees to store and share their information, resulting in more convenient internal and external networking. Digital business cards are far more customizable than physical cards because users can add media, links, and even designs to their cards to better display their skills and experience.Additionally, they can be shared via a link or QR code. If an employee were to attend an event, all they’d have to do is ask the other party to scan their card’s QR code with their phone. For non-contact settings, employees can simply send over the link via email.

The app makes storing and sharing contact information for networking a total breeze as well, which is another added bonus.

With the use of this real time data business can manage their resources in much more optimized way and at the same time end customers get the real time updates which improves user experience and convenience. It’s a Win-Win situation for both business owners and their clients.


A central communication app is a must for companies. While email can do the job, instant messaging for businesses makes for much faster information dissemination. Chanty is a team communication software where channels or public conversations can be made for different purposes. For example, there can be one channel for company-wide communication while each department can also have its own channels. Its interface is simple enough to be understood and used by everyone—from new hires to less tech-savvy employees. Investing in this app is the most suitable way to facilitate internal communication.


Productivity at work can be obstructed by distractions on mobile phones due to social media use or entertainment purposes. To ensure responsible usage during work hours, the GoKiosk app created by us here at  GoKiosk  can help.

GoKiosk is a mobile device management solution that blocks undesirable apps and programs from employees’ phones. You can also choose which browser pages can be accessed, for example, only those relating to business and news. The best part is you can do all of this from a single device—there’s no need to handle each of the employees’ phones.

Overall, this app prevents any distractions from disrupting what should be productive hours.


Individually seeking out employees to sign a form or document is tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, DocuSign streamlines the task by allowing users to electronically sign and return documents using mobile devices. Just this year, the app even integrated a new feature that lets users sign documents during a Zoom meeting. This simplifies the act of acquiring signatures, all while participants can clarify certain information on the documents they are to sign.

A virtual signing app makes it all the more convenient for overseas partnerships or virtual workplaces to settle formal records.

Final thoughts

By investing in effective mobile tools, your company operations can and will improve. It is crucial for organizations to adopt digital technologies to improve their employee’s productivity at the workspace.

With our recommendations, we hope you make the most out of technology for the benefit of your employees and your business as a whole.