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Are you seeking to discover alternative LinkedIn automation tools beyond Kennected? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, we will guide you through various options other than Kennected – LinkedIn automation tools designed to enhance your lead generation outcomes from LinkedIn outreach efforts.

Let’s delve into the realm of LinkedIn automation and its alternatives.

What Is a LinkedIn Automation Tool?

LinkedIn automation tools are the software that are designed to optimize LinkedIn outreach. This software replicates human activities or automates repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and save time. These tools enable you to personalize your campaign, collect data, automate follow-up and more.

Why Use LinkedIn Automation?

When it comes to manual work like posting content and analyzing your outcomes, legitimate LinkedIn automation solutions can help you save time. Additionally, they may help you use LinkedIn more effectively to get more prospects.

How Do LinkedIn Automation Tools Work?

Sending eye-catching messages to your first-degree relationships is made possible by LinkedIn automation tools. You can save time and broaden your reach in this way. You can customize your message to appeal to decision-makers or particular sectors by using its search and filter functionality.

How Can You Close More Deal with Personalization?

In sales, personalization generally refers to adjusting the approach and procedure to the unique requirements and preferences of each consumer. This can include anything from mentioning the client’s name and contact information in correspondence to tailoring goods and services to their needs.

Businesses may increase customer happiness and loyalty as well as revenues by personalizing and making the sales process more relevant to the consumer.

In today’s competitive and complex sales climate, personalization is not a nice-to-have feature but a must-have strategy. Prospects don’t have much time or patience to go through the dozens of generic offers and contracts that they receive from various providers.

Customize your contracts and proposals to each prospect’s unique circumstances, problems, and intended results if you want to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression. Personalization demonstrates your concern for your customers, your diligence, and your ability to outperform your rivals in terms of value.

Integration of Sales Navigator, CRM and LinkedIn Automation Tool into Your LinkedIn Outreach

To streamline your lead generation, it’s essential that you use technology and automation tools. As discussed before, automation platforms allow you to automate repetitive activities. By integrating them with Sales Navigator and CRM, your sales outreach will get more organized. The advanced search filter in Sales Navigator will help you find leads that are closest to your target audiences. After finding leads, you can reach out to them using LinkedIn automation tools . These tools will help you run campaigns that will get you sales-qualified leads. Once you have a list of leads that are interested in your products and services, transfer them to your CRM. With the native integration feature offered by the LinkedIn Automation tool, import the lead list to your CRM. Manage your customers at every stage of your sales pipeline with your CRM.

List of Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

Here are some of the best tools for LinkedIn outreach and b2b lead generation. This user-friendly LinkedIn automation software gives your sales team time to focus on closing deals.

1) LinkedFusion


The goal of the LinkedIn automation solution from LinkedFusion is to provide its users with a consistent stream of new connections, sales appointments, and networks. The variety of functions guarantees an automatic and customized networking experience that takes the guesswork out.

Features :

1) Effectively Manage Your Team : The software gives the user the ability to operate both solo and as part of a team. Using blacklist leads, you may successfully manage a team and their sales pipeline by avoiding contacting prospects who are already in the team’s sales funnel.

  • Monitor the campaigns’ outcomes.
  • Utilize the blacklist feature to avoid duplication.
  • Get a better grasp of prospect engagement through graphical statistics.
  • Efficient administration and centralized billing.

2) Maintain The Safe Commercial Limit : LinkedFusion ensures the security of your account by restricting the intended audience and keeping your LinkedIn account within their safety commercial limit.

  • Control your automation calendar entirely.
  • Make contact with your relationship using a certain method.
  • Get notifications on the LinkedIn safety notice.
  • Ensures the safety of your LinkedIn account and prevents blocking.

3) Ensures Smooth Integration : By integrating with the CRM of your choice, you may accelerate your LinkedIn outreach efforts. With LinkedInFusion, you can focus on the task that includes providing customer service.

  • Streamlined integrations with the CRMs of your choice.
  • Include profile details and sequences.
  • Connect LinkedFusion to the accounts of your other tools.

4) Make data-driven decisions : By monitoring your progress and obtaining visual representations of the campaign effectiveness insights.

  • Get a real-time dashboard.
  • Keep careful track of your campaign.
  • Follow user reporting closely.
  • The file format of your choosing will be used to transfer your progress.

5) 24/7 assistance for the user : With the assistance of the technical support team, hasten your integration into the LinkedFusion system. The LinkedFusion customer support team is well known for their exceptional level of assistance.

  • There is always technical support accessible.
  • precise directions for a speedy onboarding
  • Quick responses to your queries access the LinkedFusion academy’s video content.

2) LeadConnect


LeadConnect is a LinkedIn Outreach Automation Platform that helps you automate your lead generation processes by supporting you with tailored follow-ups on various occasions and automated native integration to HubSpot.

Features :

1) Customize Your Outreach : Send up to 100 extra invitations and use placeholders to make your message more targeted. Additionally, you may schedule up to 6 follow-up messages for potential customers who have contacted you but have not yet responded. Using the Blacklist feature will prevent you from contacting prospects who you have already spoken to.

2) Target Your Audience : To pinpoint your target market, use the LinkedIn sales navigator, CSV, or basic search feature. Use an automated follow-up that appears and feels manual to establish a connection with your prospect. Instead of individually following up, you will get ten times more responses if you use this automated method.

3) Integrate Your Software : Link your LinkedIn profile to HubSpot and email marketing services for straightforward lead nurturing and administration. LeadConnects HubSpot Integration solution allows you to communicate details about your prospects and the conversation to HubSpot. Thanks to connection with the email finder tool, which enables you to identify emails inside the LinkedIn interface, you can easily import this data directly to HubSpot. Installing the following email finder on your system :

The website
Skrapp, Briteverify, Anymailfinder, and more. 

4) Increase Your Sales Engagement : By putting the knowledge and data gleaned from the sales process to use, increase your sales engagement. These data-driven insights enable users to plan, deploy, and manage campaigns effectively. Users can contact an unlimited number of prospects each day with personalized messages using Auto Sequences, generating a constant income.

5) Be Accessible to Clients : Reply detection notifies you of any new LinkedIn message activity and immediately stops automated follow-up whenever the user receives feedback from recipients or prospects.

6) Increase Your Sales Engagement : By putting the knowledge and data gleaned from the sales process to use, increase your sales engagement. These data-driven insights enable users to plan, deploy, and manage campaigns effectively. Users can contact an unlimited number of prospects each day with personalized messages using Auto Sequences, generating a constant income.

7) Be Accessible to Clients : Reply detection notifies you of any new LinkedIn message activity and immediately stops automated follow-up whenever the user receives feedback from recipients or prospects.

3) Crystal


In this list of the top LinkedIn tools, Crystal stands out as being unique. Marketers have been employing it wisely to take advantage of the various advantages it provides. When it comes to knowing and understanding your customers, their motivations for buying, and their actions, the tool might be crucial.

From a LinkedIn profile, Crystal can precisely anticipate anyone’s personality. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

These LinkedIn automation tools might help you better understand your audience. When you have such a thorough understanding of your customer, there is very little room for error in the way you connect with them and the offers you present to them.

Features : 

1) Prospect research : This feature lets you identify the natural personality of your prospect. Additionally, you can get some instant tips for how to best communicate, build trust and negotiate with them.

2) Quickly customize your email for every recipient : Get a personalized suggestion like specific words, phrases, and sentences for various personalities so you can write more persuasively. 

3) Get resources to progress on your outreach : Get a personalized playbook for negotiation, overcoming objections, building rapport, and every other stage of the sales process.

4) Use personality insights for internal communication : Use your team’s skills, work on your one-on-one sessions, and develop into a stronger, more compassionate leader.

4) Cirrus Insight

cirrus insights

Cirrus Insight is easy to use in comparison to the other tools on our list. Cirrus Insight enables you to track engagement levels with any document and link it to your message.

With the help of these insights, you may determine which of your contacts are interested in reading the content you’ve shared and who is losing interest. These insights also assist you in developing a more effective follow-up approach for various prospect segments, such as inactive, actively engaged, etc.

Features :

1) Concentrate more on activities that generate income : The process of updating your CRM may feel like a time-consuming ball and chain that slows down your sales process.

You are given the autonomy and time by Cirrus Insight to perfect your sales strategy and interact with additional clients.

2) Get on stage : Using sync, boost your conversion rate.

3) Inbox monitoring software : Cirrus Insight automatically syncs emails from salespeople to the appropriate contract or lead in salesforce. Additionally, it syncs meetings with Salesforce so that supervisors may view them immediately from Salesforce.

4) Automated booking and customized booking pages : Scheduling may be automated, and Cirrus Insight can sync everything with Salesforce. Take note of insightful information from customer meetings so that you can maintain a strong pipeline.

5) Skylead


In order to facilitate outreach and foster relationships with leads, Skylead is a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation & Cold Email Software for Sales Reps, SDRs, Recruiters, Marketers, and others.

Skylead runs your LinkedIn and Email campaigns on autopilot, allowing you to concentrate on completing transactions, and helps sales professionals of all levels automate the time-consuming component of the sales process.

Feature :

1) Email deliverability : You can send personalized messages to invite to connect, messages, and InMail. Combine them with view and follow features to maximize your response rate.

2) Cloud-based system

We provide you with a dedicated IP address. Log in safely from any browser and manage your campaigns. Connect multiple LinkedIn profiles under one user account.

3)  Create your perfect drip-campaign

Create sequences for your 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree connections. Include highly personalized Invites to Connect, Messages, and InMails. Add as many steps as you wish. Set up time delays in between them. Sit back and watch leads come to you.

4) Personalize your messages

The personalization feature includes :

  • Placeholders in your messages and stand out in your prospect’s Inbox.
  • Use your lead’s name, title, company name, college name, and more.
  • Create custom placeholders and ultimately personalize your outreach.
  • Add hyper-personalized Images & GIFs to your messages.

5) Smart reply to detection & gets the lead back to the campaign

Integrated with your LinkedIn and Email, our Smart Inbox let you :

  • Communicate with the prospects in one place.
  • Create custom labels, keep tasks of your leads, and focus on the right ones.
  • Add specific notes for each lead and never forget details of your conversation.
  • Save your response templates for fast and early replies.

6) Lusha


Lusha is a sales intelligence platform that turns your prospects into sales. This intelligence platform helps you to scale up your sales: Fuel your pipeline with qualified prospects and close more deals faster.

Features :

1) Correct B2B data : Obtain the most current and correct B2B contact and company information, ensuring that the information in your system is always up-to-date and accurate. Utilize Lusha’s automated data enrichment solutions to speed up processes and improve data in the background.

2) Management of the team : Simple control over credit allocation and consumption for any team member or group of users. With advanced usage analytics, you can learn more about the most active users, the ICP you visit the most, recommended businesses, and more.

3) Scale your outcomes : Automatically improve the accuracy and speed of the data in your system. Make sure your sales staff is always armed with a pipeline filled with qualified leads and their contact information (direct dials and emails).


expandi is an automated outbound sales platform that boosts lead generation and connects more clients with sales teams using its AI-driven DIAL (Data-Intelligence-Action-Leads) technology package. It enables salespeople to follow up with prospects and manage their relationships with clients more effectively.

Kennected is a more comprehensive lead generation platform because it has automatic outreach and an inbound lead generating strategy. It uses artificial intelligence, real-time email tracking, and pre-written email sequences to ensure that only relevant leads are created. is more adept at outreach and prospecting while Kennected is more focused on B2B sales and customer relationship management.’s major objective is to employ AI to personalize communications, pursue leads, and create distinctive pipelines.

Feature list of

1) Automated Connection System : provides a swift, dependable, and effective automated connection system that can quickly create thousands of connections.

2) Economical : Compared to Kennected,’s automated, scalable pricing structures may allow you to save time and money.

With, you can easily customize message templates and search criteria to target the people who will be most interested in what you have to offer.

3) No Sales Pitch Required : When using, prospective clients do not need to listen to sales pitches. Through an automated chat, you can speak with potential customers and arouse their interest in your products and services.

4) Complete Lead Management : With, you have total control over when and when you contact customers thanks to its powerful lead management tools. By employing this feature, you can maintain your focus and organization so that you may speak clearly to the right audience.

Conclusion - the Best Kennected Alternative

By automating your sales outreach, these marketing automation tools provide your sales staff more time to concentrate on closing deals. You may automate sending personalized messages and follow-up communications to potential leads using lead generating tools that have personalization features.


By automating outreach, personalizing follow-ups, and assisting in the development of new revenue sources, Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that streamlines the lead generating process.

In order to streamline the lead generating process, Kennected uses SaaS-based marketing software that automates outreach, customizes follow-ups, scales relationships, and generates new sources of income.

Selling your goods or services on LinkedIn is the most popular method of generating income from your brand. You accomplish this through marketing your brand, your company, and yourself. Professional networking is the main focus of LinkedIn as a business platform.

Numerous programmes that automate LinkedIn activities are expressly forbidden. To help recruiters, marketers, and advertisers automate some of their platform-related duties, from identifying applicants to managing ad campaigns, LinkedIn also collaborates with authorized marketing partners.

A lead generation software is a platform that helps you generate more leads by optimizing your outreach campaign. Some of the ways a lead generation platform helps you are:

1) Automating LinkedIn and email outreach.

2) Helps you with personalized messages and follow-up at scale 

3) Boost your level of engagement by finding people for your salesperson 

4) You can also get a real-time insight on the analytics and data provided by these platforms.