LinkedIn automation Zopto Alternatives

Are you someone who wants to explore LinkedIn automation tools other than Zopto?

Then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will walk you through the multiple alternatives of Zopto – LinkedIn automation tools that will generate twice as many leads from your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

Let’s know what is LinkedIn automation.

What Is a Linkedin Automation Tool?

LinkedIn automation tools are automation software that minimize the need of human input, by turning repeatable, routine tasks into automated actions. Using these automation tools you can accelerate your workflow efficiently without putting more effort.

What Is Linkedin Automation?

When you use any automation tool to automate tasks on the LinkedIn platform then that process is called LinkedIn automation. 

Task that can be Automated by LinkedIn Automation tool are:

  1. Sending connection request
  2. Endorsing skills
  3. Sending LinkedIn messages
  4. Creating campaigns via Inmail
  5. Building a personal brand.

Why Do You Need a Linkedin Automation Tool?

It is estimated that LinkedIn has over 500 million members, in over 200 countries. This presents every LinkedIn user with the opportunity to connect with the professionals that are related to their specific industry.

Over 75% B2B marketer use social media and social media advertising as part of their overall strategy. Therefore, if you are someone looking to expand your business and bring quality leads for your sales process at scale then the LinkedIn automation tool is a must for you. 

Ways in which LinkedIn automation tool boost your marketing and sales efforts are :

  1. Helps you to expand your network
  2. Run campaigns to expand your businesses
  3. Automate your data enrichment
  4. Integrate your CRM to your LinkedIn account

What Does Zopto Do?

Zopto helps customers simplify prospecting efforts and expand their businesses in a scalable and effective way by using multi-touchpoints, Smart Workflow via LinkedIn and Email.

Features provided by Zopto are :

  1. Multi-Channel Campaigns : With multi-channel campaigns optimize your outreach by combining the two powerful channels for lead generation: LinkedIn and Email. AI- powered templates and posts with ChatGPt helps the user create personalized LinkedIn templates posts and emails in no time.
  2. Scale Up Your Outreach : You can scale your outreach campaign with Zopto by sending 100 emails, 100 Inmail, 45 profile invites, 100 bulk invites and 100 group/event messages. Build a highly targeted list of prospects which is based on hundreds of data points.
  3. Analyze Your Campaign : Evaluate your performance and draw insights with the comprehensive and real-time reporting across channels and campaigns by the data provided by the software at your fingertips. You can also A/B test your campings to get a better understanding of the message that works for your target audience.
  4. Secure Prospecting : Ensure your campings run smoothly by maintaining its integrity through several guardrails and security measures. Services that they provide are :
    • GDPR Compliant that lets you scale without worrying about the data protection and massive fines.
    • Military Grade security so that you can keep your data and account safe with enterprise level cloud servers and military-grade encryption
    • Data BackUp with trustworthy backup and fast recovery for all your lead generation campaigns with cloud-to-cloud backup.
Pricing  Personal Grow Agency & Enterprise
Monthly $155 $250 $625
Quarterly $ 195 $312 $780

List of 7 Zopto Alternatives

1. LeadConnect

LeadConnect is a LinkedIn Outreach Automation Platform that automates your lead generation efforts by facilitating you with personalized multiple follow-ups and automated native integration to Hubspot.

Feature Offered by LeadConnect : 

  1. Personalize Your Outreach : Personalize your message with placeholder to send up to 100 new invitations. Additionally, you can set up to 6 follow up messages for the prospects who have connected but haven’t responded. The Blacklist functionality helps you to avoid sending requests to the prospects with whom you have previously connected.
  2. Target Your Audience : You can use LinkedIn search in basic and sales navigator or CSV to define your target audience. Connect to your prospect with the automated follow-up that resembles the manual approach. This automated approach will get you 10x response in comparison to manually follow-up.
  3. Integrate Your Software : Sync your LinkedIn profile to Hubspot and email finder tools for easy lead nurturing and management. The LeadConnect’s Hubspot Integration tool can push your prospects’ details and the conversation to Hubspot. Integration to the email finder tool lets you find email inside the LinkedIn interface while importing this data directly to Hubspot easily.

    Integration to this email finder tool :

    • Findthatlead
    • Anymailfinder
    • Briteverify
    • Skrapp and more. 
  4. Optimize Your Sales Engagement : With the help of the data and insight derived from the sales process optimize your campings. These data driven insights help users create, implement and manage the campaigns with efficiency. Auto Sequences enables the users to contact an unlimited number of prospects daily with the personalized messages generating a predictable revenue.
  5. Be Available to Your Customer : Reply detection keeps you updated with the latest activity in your LinkedIn messages and automatically stops the automated follow-up once the user gets the response from the recipients or the prospect.
  6. Organize Your Outreach : Response and acceptance tracking generates valuable information letting you make informed decisions. This feature gives you a better understanding of the movement of your campaign and prospect activity.


Pricing Professional GrowUltimate
Quarterly$ 25.95$45.95$85.95

2. LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion’s LinkedIn automation tool aims to serve its user’s by bringing a steady stream of new connections, sales appointments and generating new networks. The multiple features ensure an automated and personalized networking experience eliminating the guesswork.

Feature Offered by Leadfusion :

  1. Effectively Manage Your Team : The software facilitates the user to work individually as well as manage a team. With blacklist leads you can manage a team and their sales pipeline effectively by avoiding reaching out to the prospects who are already present in the sales funnel of the team.
    • Track the campaigns output
    • Avoid duplication with blacklist functionality
    • Get insight on prospect engagement with graphical stats
    • Central billing and effective management.
  2. Maintain The Safe Commercial Limit : LinkedFusion ensures the safety of your LinkedIn account by managing the target audience and keeping your LinkedIn account within their safety commercial limit.
    • Get the maximum control of your automation schedule
    • Reach out to your connection with the personalized approach
    • Get notification about the LinkedIn safety warning
    • Ensures the safety of your LinkedIn account and protecting it by not getting banned
  3. Ensures Smooth Integration : You can integrate with your choice of the CRM and accelerate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. LinkedInFusion allows you to focus on the customer facing task.
    • Smooth integrations to the CRM’s of your choice
    • Import profile data and sequences
    • Integrate LinkedFusion’s account from other tools
  4. Take data driven decisions : Keep a check on your progress and get graphical representation about the insights on the campaign performance to make informed decisions.
    • Get real-time dashboard
    • Precisely track your campaign
    • Stay updated on the usage reporting
    • Transport your progress in the file format of your choice
  5. Helps the user 24/7 : Accelerate your onboarding into the LinkedFusion tool with the assistance of the technical support team 24/7. The customer service team of LinkedFusion is very helpful and legendary.
    • Get technical support round the clock
    • Comprehensive user guide for easy onboarding
    • Quick solution to your queries
    • Get access to LinkedFusion academy videos


Pricing Professional GrowUltimate
Monthly$ 65.95$ 95.95$135.95
Quarterly$ 59.95$ 85.95$ 120.95
Semi Annually$ 52.95$ 76.95$ 108.95
Annually(2 month free)$ 46.95$ 67.95$ 95.95

3. LinkedHelper

LinkedIn helper is an smart outreach LinkedIn automation tool that aims to give opportunities to user’s to capitalize on the B2B client base that is present on the platform. With this automation tool you can automate your sales funnel and attract clients, turning them into loyal customers.

Features Offered by Linkedhelper :

  1. Expand Your Network : LinkedHelper automatically invites your target audience’s 2nd and 3rd level contact with personal notes. This boosts your outreach faster and connects to your target audiences. Send requests to your target audience even after exceeding the weekly limit as Linked Helper as a solution to bypass the limits.
    • LinkedIn
    • Gmail
    • SMS
    • WhatsApp
    • Calls
    • Social Media platforms
  2. Build Smart Outreach : You can increase your acceptance rate by 15-25% by automating your workflow. You can follow your chosen profile, endorse their skills and engage with your audience’s post effortlessly with automation.
  3. Serves Both Linkedin Basic & Premium : Whether you work as Sales navigator, Recruiter, Career and Business this LinkedIn automation tools have multiple features for all. It offers functionality for both basic and premium plans.
  4. Manages Your Connections : For managing your connections this automation tool has streamline your lead generation and sales outreach on LinkedIn. You can scrap and export possibly all your connections data like :
    • Email and phone
    • Message history from LinkedIn
    • Interaction from your sales navigator
    • Export customer pile from CSV or 3rd party services
  5. Integrate with Your Prospects : Integrate your LinkedIn account with your CRM. Linked Helper is helpful even if you interact with the prospect manually. When you view any profile on LinkedIn or via Sales navigator you can get access to the notes and tags for that current profile on the left panel of the Linked Helper window. You also get to visit the profile card within LH CRM and check the history of the automated interaction. This lets you updated with the client interaction for further campaigns.



Free Trial



1 Month Get 14 days free $ 15 $45
3 Month Get 14 days free $ 13.33 $ 40
6 Month Get 14 days free $ 10 $ 30
12 Month Get 14 days free $ 8.25 $ 24.75

4. SendBuzz

SendBuzz is a sales engagement platform that lets you connect with the target audiences across multiple channels with cadence. With SendBuzz you can run multiple campaigns, test your email and Inmail messages to effectively reach out to the prospect.

Feature Offered by SendBuzz :

  • Multi Channel Outreach Campaign : This sales engagement software does not restrict you just to LinkedIn or Emails. Interact with your target audience where they are without switching the platforms.

    Channels were you can interact with the prospect are :

    • LinkedIn
    • Gmail
    • SMS
    • WhatsApp
    • Calls
    • Social Media platforms
  • Inbox Rotation : To improve your deliverability you can run your campaigns using multiple Inboxes for the same camping. This accelerates your campings at the same time increases the sending limit of every campaign. Another feature called Unified Inbox that lets you receive all your target audiences replies on a single inbox. This lets you reach out to the prospect with ease.
  • Smart Sequences : Automate your outreach campaigns so that you can focus more on customer facing activities with ease. Smart campaign lets you follow-up with your prospect with consistency and cadences.
  • Test Your Sequences : Flow testing lets you test your sequences to find the right mix of channels via which you can reach out to the prospect.And with A/B testing you can test your individual email so that you can connect with your recipients with the best message.
  • Integrate with Your CRM : For the smooth transfer of the prospect data SendBuzz offers to integrate with your choice of CRM’s. It does not stop here for the enhanced deliverability you can integrate with any deliverability tool so that you can run effective and successful campaigns.
  • Analyze Your Campaigns : Improve is the key to success in every successful sales engagement effort. Get a key insight on your sales process by monitoring the key metric like open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and more. Analyzing these data you can find the gap in your sales engagement process and work on improving them.

The price distribution is very customized to suit the needs of multiple customers. They have a $9 Monthly and $7 Quarterly plan for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers.

For Business 
  Pricing    Free Trial   Professional    Growth   Ultimate
Monthly Get 14 days free $ 35 $ 65 $ 125
Quarterly Get 14 days free $ 29 $56 $ 107

5. Expandi

Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps the user’s connect with their prospect on LinkedIn platform and via Email. Run smart automated sequence effortlessly with the easy to use interface of the Expandi. They offer 7-days free trial without any prior payments.

Features offered by Expandi :

  1. Automate Your Outreach Campaign : Automate your outreach camping with the same algorithm offered by expandi. Get a better understanding of the customer behavior
    and protect your account from getting restricted by LinkedIn.
  2. Hyper Personalize Your Outreach : You can include Images and GIF personalization and increase the engagement with 2.2x. This can be done on both outreach
    platforms i.e LinkedIn and Gmail. With Expandi you can put dynamic images and hyper personalize your messages on autopilot mode.
  3. Run Omni Sequences : Reach out to your prospect with an integrated omni channel outreach to personalize at scale. You can combine 9 different actions in a
    single sequence, defining the delay time between two consecutive outreach and more with omni channel sequences.
  4. Boost Your Workflow in a Single Click : Optimize your workflow by integrating your tools with Expandi with few clicks. Transfer your prospect data and
    integrate that data with ease through Zapier, Integromat or a custom-made webhook.
  5. Get Access to the Multiple Resources : Expandi offers many knowledgeable resources to boost your sales and marketing efforts. You can join their Expandi Academy to know
    the best use of their best tools and the data generated from the sales engagement activities.

Expandi offers Expandi seat pay as you starting from $99/ seat per month with seven days free trial. 

6. Waalaxy

Waalaxy is an LinkedIn acquisition channel that automates sales and recruitment prospecting. Import prospects directly from LinkedIn and build your prospecting campaigns from scratch in a few clicks without any specific knowledge.

Feature offered by Waalaxy :

  • Enhance Your Prospecting : Waalaxy is for sales reps, marketers, freelancers, founders, and recruiters wanting to expand their businesses with efficiency. Generate high quality leads on LinkedIn and email. The built in templates makes it easy for the user’s to initiate their campaigns faster. With the cloud version of this app you can run your campaigns 24/7.
  • Find Your Connection : Get and export valuable information about your prospects in just a few clicks. Integrate the data with the CRM of your choice and close the loop on your lead generating process with the tools offered by Waalaxy.
  • Manage Your Interactions : The Waalaxy’s native inbox allows you to manage your interaction on LinkedIn hassle-free and effortlessly. The easy to use interface of this automation tool lets the user create message templates , schedule messages and more that keeps you ahead in your game.
  • Get Customer Services Support : They claim to provide the best customer support to the user. Their experts are ever ready to assist their user’s with any questions or issues that are encountered by the users.


Pricing Business Advance Free
1 Montheuro 120euro 800
3 Montheuro 100euro 640
12 Montheuro 60euro 400


Growthlead is an AI powered tool that helps its users generate leads into their sales pipeline. These automation tools optimize the sales process of sales reps and marketer by saving time with the automated process, accurate data, better conversion and more.

Feature offered by GrowthLead :

  1. Get More Leads : Get and enrich round the clock with the power of automation and AI. With these powerful tools you can connect with your prospect with efficiency
    and effectiveness.
  2. Data Based Lead Generation : With high quality data get useful insight on your sales process. Stay up-to-date with the information using the APIs. This eliminates the guesswork and you can make your decision based on data that will optimize your lead generation process.
  3. Faster Conversion : Narrowing down your target audience to focus on the quality leads will ensure more conversion. This helps you to get more results for your lead generating efforts.
  4. Cost Saving : You can save cost by automating your lead generation reducing the manual work. The AI technology and automation helps you with increased ROI at the same
    time reduces the cost and efforts in your lead generation process.


Pricing Free trialLead EnrichmentLead Generation
1 Montheuro 0euro 29Euro 49

Conclusion :

Now with knowing about the alternatives that are present in the market you are in a better position to choose the automation that suits you and works for you.


If you send multiple connection requests or number view profiles that exceed our daily limits your account will be flagged. And consent violation of the limits may lead to your account being blocked. To avoid this choose an automation tool that does not make you look spammy.

If done correctly then LinkedIn automation is safe. It’s safe to use the LinkedIn automation tool, if you choose a reputable tool that knows the right practice and monitoring your LinkedIn account will also keep you updated on your LinedIn account activities. 

Ways in which you can monitor your account are:

  • Keep a check on your Social Selling Index (SSI)
  • Maintain the ratio between your connection sending and accepting ratio
  • Avoid any spammy  actives that is viewed as suspicious behavior 

LinkedIn is focused on providing a relevant platform to the professionals to build connections and network for their businesses. This networking platform was designed specifically for the professionals for activities like:

  • Recruiting 
  • Finding leads 
  • Set up individual member profiles
  • Company page and more.