Lockdown Android Tablet in Kiosk Mode

What is Android Kiosk Lockdown

Gokiosk Kiosk Lockdown will turn the corporate-owned Android mobile/tablet devices into Kiosks, helping businesses save on infrastructure cost and improve productivity.

It allows administrators to block the use of Android OS settings so that your employees don’t fiddle with the device settings, install unauthorized apps like games or access data consuming websites. It will help ensure safety and security of corporate as well as personal data and devices.


The logistics industry is embracing mobility solutions to have uninterrupted communication and access to information in real-time. With the use of mobile devices, field force can access non-business related

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Lockdown Your Device

Turn your device into a full-fledged kiosk by locking it down. Take total control over device by allowing the applications of your choice and managing their functioning.

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Highly Efficient and Personalized UI

EDK lets you tailor every functionality of your device that you desire to keep or remove. Disable Home Screen, Configure your Apps, Launch applications on startup, Full Screen view.

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Peripheral Locking Ability

Define settings for your Device within EDK – Control WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Sound, Screen Orientation facility for rooted as well as unrooted devices. You name it and we have a solution for it.

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Prevent Hardware Cashing

Are you still accustomed with ugly looking, rough casing to hide hardware buttons and menu bar of devices? Leave that concern to us. Reveal the transformed beauty of your devices, EDK disables everything that is not required.

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Kiosk Browser

GoBrowser lets you Lock down the user interface so that the end-user can only access your defined webpage(s) and can't adjust Android system settings or gain access to other applications

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Cloud Configuration

EDK provide cloud configuration feature, so you can manage all the settings on a distributed system.

Kiosk Lockdown is perfect for


The logistics industry is embracing mobility solutions to have uninterrupted communication and access to information in real-time.While equipping their field force with mobile devices, businesses face the challenges of device settings tampering, excessive data usage, loss of focus on the job and reduced productivity.

Gokiosk – Enterprise Kiosk Lockdown helps these companies to lockdown their Android devices and manage them remotely via the cloud-based dashboard. It also helps in tracking locations of the on-field employees in real time.









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