Lock Android devices in Kiosk Mode
And Protect Devices from Misuse

Gokiosk – Kiosk Lockdown app helps to manage all Android devices by turning them into dedicated Android kiosk mode. This helps the business to save the infrastructure cost and improve the productivity.

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The Best Kiosk App for Android Smartphones and Tablets Devices

What is Android Kiosk Mode & Lockdown App?

Gokiosk – Kiosk Lockdown app helps to manage all Android devices by turning them into dedicated Android kiosk mode. This helps the business to save the infrastructure cost and improve the productivity.

Thus, the Kiosked device shows the customizable screen by limiting the user to only selected apps that are enabled by the Admin. It will help ensure safety and security of corporate as well as personal data and devices.

Android Kiosk Mode for Enterprise Use

Lock Android Tablets in Kiosk Mode, Prevent Unauthorized Access & Limit Excess Data Costs

Gokiosk – Kiosk Lockdown app helps you to manage Android devices by turning them into dedicated Android kiosk mode. This replaces default home screen with a customizable screen that limits user access to selected applications enabled by admin. For e.g. you can block games, social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, browsers, system settings, peripheral like wifi, Bluetooth etc.

It has become common to use off-the-shelf mobile devices to run business applications or self-service kiosks. However, device misuse can impact user productivity and can lead to problems such as increased data usage and high maintenance costs.

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Lockdown Android Tablet

Lockdown Android Tablets in Kiosk Mode, Prevent Unauthorized Access & Limit Excess Data Costs

Gokiosk-enterprise android lockdown application-allows you to lockdown Android tablet into kiosk mode, restrict access to apps & websites on devices to ensure device and data security.

Android Single APP Mode

Lockdown Android Devices Into Kiosk Mode (Single & Multi App Mode)

Control the apps enabled or disabled on the devices. Lock devices into single or multi-app kiosk mode for dedicated business use.

  • Single App Mode : Single App Mode locks the device to a single application. Block hardware keys, navigation and make the device run exclusively for your business.
  • Multi App Mode : Multi App mode enables you to allow two or more apps on the Android device, blocking the rest. Ideal for customer-facing and front line use-cases.
  • Custom Branding : Make an impression by reflecting your company branding on your kiosk devices. Customize wallpapers, color schemes and app icon sizes.

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Gokiosk Features

Lockdown Your Device

Lock your devices with the full-fledged Kiosk and lock them down. Grab the total control of device by allowing only selected applications and manage their functionality

Cloud Configuration

EDK provide cloud configuration feature, so you can manage all the settings on a distributed system.

Peripheral Locking Ability

Determine the settings for your Device within EDK – Control WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Sound, Screen Orientation facility for rooted as well as unrooted devices. You name it and we have a solution for it.

Prevent Hardware Cashing

The EDK disables everything that is not required including ugly looking, rough casing to hide hardware buttons and menu bar of devices. Hardware caching is prevented by the lock down.

Kiosk Browser

Go Browser lets you wishlist and block access to the other websites. This Kiosk mode will only access your defined webpage(s), and Android system settings or gain access to other applications.

Highly Efficient and Personalized UI

EDK lets you customize every functionality of the device that you wish to preserve or discard. Disable Home Screen, Configure your Apps, Launch applications on startup, Full Screen view.

GOKIOSKKiosk Lockdown perfect for




Mobile technology has empowered various sectors including the Logistics. With the fast movement of the goods, the Logistics industry too, has to enforce their productivity in terms of time and speed. Here comes GoKiosk, where we lock down the devices of all the staff from being misused by other apps. Thus, reducing the IT cost and improving the productivity by allowing the device to function as it is intended to be.



GoKiosk – helps the educational institution to prevent the students and the teachers from misusing the devices or the app settings. Our App will lock down the device and other applications by allowing the students and teachers to access only the classroom management system that has been installed on the device.



This is one of the sectors where Customer satisfaction and experience is of paramount importance. So, keeping this in mind, GoKiosk app will lock down all those unwanted apps that increase the IT cost. Our app will allow the staff and customer to access only those applications that are needed for the store management/ordering.



To get the exact location of the destination and to get in touch with passengers exchanging their location details and then getting them to their endpoint, the drivers need a real-time GPS-driven map that shows them the exact route. Having noticed the misuse of the device and the facility, the GoKiosk app helps to eradicate all those hurdles that come across the productivity. Our app will restrict the drivers from installing non-business related apps and monitor the data usage, which helps them to keep the drivers focused on the job.



Healthcare is another sector where you can lock down the devices to prevent cost and improve productivity. Our Kiosk App will restrict the device and thus allows the staff and doctors to take quick actions on patients information and vise-verse. Here, the company devices are used to capture crucial stats, helping the hospital staff stay updated on key patient data like x-ray, ECG, blood sugar levels, BP, cardio, etc. The patients enrolled in the hospitals are given the devices that are attached to their hospital beds and the staff can maintain the patient’s’ daily records.



With the increase of the mobile devices, the customer engagement has also increased in the restaurants. To improve the engagement, devices with GoKiosk lockdown facility secures the misuse of apps and time to increase the productivity. The restaurant owners having those devices will allow them to access only those applications that are beneficial for the restaurant, including all the registrations, gather emails, feedbacks, and surveys



Mobile devices have become more interactive for the visitors visiting the museum. This allows the visitors to get the required information easily on the mobile devices. Not only this, the registrations, emails, feedback, surveys, and, for the visitors who need the museum direction can get easily thereby increasing the deliverance and user experience. The Kiosk also improves the visitor engagement which results in better information delivery and customer satisfaction.



Keeping a simple goal for the construction companies to focus on their primary task, our GoKiosk app restricts the workers from using other apps. With this, the lockdown has reduced the unwanted issues like security threats and unproductive hours. Our app gives the control to the admin to remotely manage the devices and allows only the business apps and track the location of the devices in real time.



To improve speed and accuracy in terms production through mobile devices, GoKiosk restricts the unwanted apps from the employee’s device which improves the automation process and productivity to produce quality products with minimum defects. Thus, our app provides features that will monitor, update, maintain, and track deployed devices across the shops where all the devices are managed remotely.


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