KioWare Alternative
(Gokiosk-The most secure Android Kiosk)


The reasons why Gokiosk is the best alternative for Android Kiosk to KioWare.

The Best Alternative to KioWare

GoKiosk is the most powerful alternative to and  offers some good features for Android Kiosk App but at an enterprise level, some extra features need to be added which GoKiosk is already providing to its valued users. For example, remotely locking the device is not offered by the KioWare. The admin of the Gokiosk app has the ability to lock or unlock devices remotely to secure your device. 


Kioware provides import and export features but limited to the Google Drive import/export configuration only, whereas, Gokiosk lets you do it with more options available.

It can be done using 3 different ways;

  • (A) Cloud ID,
  • (B) QR Code,
  • (C) File Export Method.

Cloud settings contain your WiFi Network, Admin Passcode, Allowed Applications, Mobile Data status, etc. Admin simply needs to scan the QR code and all the settings will be transferred onto your new device/s, which makes android device management easy and convenient.

Create Device Groups

Gokiosk is the best alternative to Kioware because it outperforms in the “Create Device Group” feature too. Creating device groups makes Android Kiosk management hassle-free. With Gokiosk, using this feature, you can make a device group by selecting a device from the list of activated Android devices. 

This feature allows you to apply the same setting across all devices within the group so that the tiresome process of applying setting one by one to the devices can be eliminated.

Screen Mirroring & File Sync

Kioware does not allow “Screen Mirroring” to its users, while Gokiosk users enjoy the Screen Mirroring feature that allows checking what applications, device settings, and errors are showing to its end-user on the Android device and tablets screen, sync files between devices and the dashboard.

Monitor System Info & App Installation

This feature offers the ability to its admin view system information including the device’s OS version, kill processes, installed apps, and available memory, uninstall applications, or send new files to Android devices.

Remote Access to Unattended Devices

This feature allows monitoring, mirroring, and accessing Android devices remotely deployed as mPOS systems, kiosks, digital signage.

Free Trial

Kioware offers a free trial but the activation process is too complicated and requires many details to be filled up. Whereas with Gokiosk, just add very basic four points to be filled up and you are all set to go with your free trial.

There are many other useful features of Gokiosk that outperform the Kioware. To know more about Gokiosk’s great features go to the Gokiosk feature page.

Gokiosk always stays ahead in offering a safe and secure enterprise experience to its customers for Android kiosks mode as compared to the Kioware.

Isn’t Gokiosk useful and amazing for your android kiosk needs?

Gokiosk vs Kioware




Create Device Groups
Free TrialEasy & Hassle-FreeLengthy & Complex
Screen Mirroring & File Sync YesNo
Monitor System Info & App InstallationYesUnknown
Remote Access to Unattended DevicesYesUnknown

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