Hexnode Alternative
(Gokiosk-The most secure Android Kiosk)


The reasons why Gokiosk is the best alternative for Android Kiosk to Hexnode.

The Best Alternative to Hexnode

Gokiosk is the best alternative to Hexnode and it offers some good features for Android Kiosk App. This application has features like Single application mode, Blacklisting, Whitelisting, etc, but at an enterprise level, some extra features need to be added for the company’s growth and employee engagement.

Gokiosk is loaded with various features that ensure more productivity from an employee that leads to the organization’s growth.

Why should one choose Gokiosk over Hexnode?

Hexnode is an android kiosk application, which offers some of the good features but Gokiosk has more features to be offered especially cloud management for enterprise-level business.

Cloud Configuration :

Gokiosk provides some advanced cloud configuration features, unlike Hexnode. you can manage all the settings using the central login portal. You can change your admin password, track device location, check and add/remove allowed/disallowed apps, and manage other settings at one go.

As an admin, you do not need to call your device for every minor issue.

Import/Export :

Gokiosk provides important features like, Import/Export feature, which is not offered by Hexnode.

In a large-scale business, where multiple devices are being used by multiple employees at different places rather than changing the allowed/disallowed apps manually in all the devices, Gokiosk offers a simple solution.

The Admin can export all the settings to our cloud. It can be used via;

  • (A) Cloud ID,
  • (B) QR Code or,
  • (C) File Export Method.

Now, Admin simply has to scan the QR code or any of the above methods and all the settings are imported into a new device, which eliminates the hassle of managing the devices manually.

Incognito Mode

Go-Browser allows browsing in Incognito Mode where no session cookie, browsing history, or form logins are stored after a browser is closed. Whereas, Hexnode does not offer such a great feature.

Hide Address Bar

You can hide the address bar of Go-Browser to block users from typing URLs. This valuable feature is not offered by Hexnode. 

Remote Access to Unattended Devices

This feature allows mirroring, monitoring, and accessing Android devices remotely deployed as mPOS systems, kiosks, digital signage. This valuable feature is offered by GoKiosk, unlike Hexnode.

Screen Mirroring & File Sync

Hexnode does not offer Screen Mirroring to its users while Gokiosk Screen Mirroring feature lets you check what applications, errors, and device settings are showing to the end-user on the Android device and tablet screen, synchronizing files between devices and the dashboard.

Monitor System Info & App Installation

With this feature, the admin can view system information including the OS version of the device, installed application and available memory, kill processes, uninstall applications, or push new files to Android devices.

Disable the ability to upload or download files

Go-Browser easily lets you disable the ability to upload or download files to the device from the remote.

Isn’t Gokiosk useful and amazing for your android kiosk needs?

Gokiosk vs Hexnode

Cloud Configuration
Import/ ExportYesNo
Incognito ModeYesNo
Hide Address BarYesNo
Remote Access to Unattended DevicesYesNo
Screen Mirroring & File SyncYesNo
Monitor System Info & App InstallationYesNo
Disable the ability to upload or download filesYesNo

Improve your company’s growth and employee engagement by restricting all miscellaneous activities that act as an obstacle in the workplace.