Secure Browser in Android Devices
With GoBrowser Lockdown

GoBrowser (Kiosk Browser Lockdown) lets you control web browsing by providing secure browser lockdown in kiosk mode for your android devices. It allows users to visit only whitelisted websites granted by enterprise. Our Kiosk browser allows you to restrict users to specific websites and prevent access to Android device settings and non-essential apps.

kisok browser lockdown

Secure Browser in Android Devices with Go-Browser Lockdown

Create an Immersive kiosk experience by using GoBrowser that allows you to turn Android devices into public kiosks. Our Kiosk browser allows you to restrict users to specific websites and prevent access to Android device settings and non-essential apps.


Kiosk Browser Lockdown - GoBrowser

Block the user access to non-business related websites, making use of the android browser for work purposes only.

For Public Kiosks

Deliver interactive digital experience to your customers by turning Android phone or tablet into single-purpose kiosks. You can also use to display product website or allow in-store digital purchases with Go Browser Kiosk.

For Enterprise

GoBrowser Android Kiosk Browser safeguards data and increases employee productivity by controlling access to public websites on Android devices. You can block access to data consuming and non-business related websites.

Go-Browser Android Kiosk Browser Capabilities


Android Kiosk browser

  • Web-based Kiosk : Extent the kiosk functionality to limited web access.
  • Secure browser : Only the web apps or whitelisted URLs can be accessed with the Kiosk browser.
  • URL blacklisting : The blacklisted URLs can be prevented from access making other sites free to be explored.
  • Multi tab browsing : The kiosk browser allows opening up multiple tabs for each web app.

Samsung Knox Support

GoBrowser (Kiosk Browser Lockdown) is a silver partner of Samsung Knox. Our Partnership allows us to enable or disable hardware button controls on your Samsung device, including Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. Switching off Power and Volume buttons control simply disable the use of them which means they will not respond if pressed by users.


Time Scheduling

The time scheduling feature allows admin to set up the schedule once(When to wake-up and sleep) and after that Kiosk Browser will follow those schedules without any manual interventions. GoBrowser will wake your device up at the scheduled time and will put it back to sleep on scheduled time. This feature will extend your device life and reduce misuse during non-intended times.

Device Management Dashboard

GoBrowser is one of our apps for Android that is part of GoKiosk. Using GoBrowser, a Kiosk Browser Lockdown, you can centralize the control and manage your tablet Kiosks. You can remotely update apps, track device locations, control branding, publish content to the devices and manage a host of other things on the device. With Go Kiosk and Go Browser you can easily manage your fleet of Kiosks and deliver interactive digital experience to your customers.

GoKiosk Browser Lockdown

GoBrowser (Kiosk Browser Lockdown) features to create a safe and secure browsing environment that your business needs.


Whitelisting provides a stricter website restriction than blacklisting. In this case, only the whitelisted websites would be available to the user.


The unsafe or inappropriate websites can be blacklisted so that these sites become unavailable to the user


No history, session cookie or form passwords are remembered after browser is closed.


Hide the Go-Browser’s address bar to block users from typing URLs. It restricts the user from typing any URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browser Lockdown is a kiosk software application for Android that helps organizations secure and manage their Internet-enabled devices.

GoBrowser provides a customizable and easy-to-use interface that lets users browse the web while preventing them from accessing unauthorized websites or downloading malware.

Any organization that uses Internet-enabled devices, such as tablets or smartphones, can benefit from using Browser Lockdown. It is ideal for educational institutions, libraries, businesses, and other organizations that want to ensure that their devices are used for authorized purposes only.

After it is installed on an Android device, GoBrowser Lockdown will launch automatically whenever the device is started. It will then block access to all unauthorized websites, as well as any other applications that have not been specifically authorized by the administrator.

Yes, Browser Lockdown can be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization. Administrators can whitelist or blacklist specific websites, applications, and downloads. They can also set organization theme on the app startup screen.

Yes, GoBrowser Lockdown is compatible with all Android devices that are running version 4.0 or higher.