Whitelisting provides only the whitelisted websites available to the user.


Inappropriate websites can be blacklisted so that these sites become unavailable to the user


No history, session cookie or passwords are saved once browser is closed.


It hides and restrict the user from typing any URL into the GoBrowser URL bar.


Other Important GoBrowser Features

  • Kiosk Mode secures web browsing for Android digital Devices (Mobile Phone and Tablets).
  • Improve employee work efficiency by saving time on opening unnecessary websites.
  • Remotely manage all actions such as modifying URLs of whitelisting or blacklisting, do it all over-the-air.
  • Whitelisting- It provides a higher level of website restriction than blacklisting. It allows only the permitted whitelisted sites to the user.
  • Blacklisting- The unsafe sites can be blocked.
  • Enable incognito mode - Hide the Go-Browser’s address bar to prevent users from accessing specific URLs. It restricts the user from typing any URL.
  • Customized user interface for better look and feel.
  • Multi tab browsing: The kiosk GoBrowser allows opening up more than one tab for each web app.
  • Fully password protected settings
  • Schedule time when to put kiosk devices on sleep and when to awaken (Saves power and screen).
  • Stand-alone mode
  • Customized toolbar.
  • Display images or default wallpaper as a screensaver.
  • Access Denied Page
  • Customize home screen- User can modify home screen as per their needs.
  • Single URL mode.
  • Go-Browser offers import and export settings options.
  • Device Support
  • GoBrowser (Kiosk Browser Lockdown) works with almost all types of models of Android devices.

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